Property Tax Compliance

At Complex PTS we’ve developed a compliance model that fills the need in the marketplace for those clients who seek a higher caliber of service and work product, yet still wish to pay a reasonable price. We accomplish this by having our client’s tax returns prepared and reviewed by a team of highly educated and experienced personnel residing in the U.S. who perform both property tax compliance and consulting services. We can structure highly competitive fees because we’ve eliminated excessive overhead costs. We file our client’s personal property renditions accurately and timely while reviewing for potential property tax savings. By utilizing the latest property tax compliance software applications, we are able to organize and thoroughly review our client’s data prior to filing to avoid inaccurate assessments. Our associates average more than fifteen years of property tax experience and have filed personal property returns in the vast majority of jurisdictions throughout the US that impose ad valorem taxes. Complex PTS provides property tax compliance services for high volume clientele as well as airlines, gas & energy, telecomm, manufacturing and leasing companies. Complex PTS does NOT segregate our clients’ compliance service team from the valuation and appeal service because experience with one is required to effectively perform the other. We believe that consulting is part of the compliance process. Complex PTS has one of the industry’s best property tax compliance operations. We have educated, talented and experienced personnel with CPA, JD, CMI and MTax designations as well as prior industry experience. Complex PTS

Property Tax Appeals

Complex PTS provides expert property tax appeal services to owners of complex property. Our personnel are highly experienced in the administration of appeals, informal negotiations with assessors and formal presentations at the appellate level. Our personnel perform not only valuation appeals, but are intimately involved with the compliance function and wholly understand the underlying methodologies employed by the assessor to arrive at your property's assessed value. We are experienced, talented, educated, and unlike so many others, we consider the client a value-added component to the valuation review and appeal process. We welcome your input and involvement. As such, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you prefer. At Complex PTS we are 100% dedicated to putting our clients' needs first. Whether you have a large or small portfolio of properties, you can be confident that your property tax appeals will be conducted with the highest caliber of service, that you'll see excellent results, and that you'll pay a reasonable price.

Audit Defense

We are extremely well positioned to assist with property tax audit defense services because at Complex PTS, the same personnel that perform compliance and property tax appeal services also perform audit defense. An audit is a review of what the compliance process generated for a tax return, and it is also much like an appeal. It is an appeal of what the assessor deems should have been done to prepare the return. Therefore, since the personnel who perform compliance are intimately familiar with the compliance process and the personnel who perform valuation and appeal services are intimately familiar with appeals, Complex PTS is well positioned to perform property tax audit defense because under our model, the same personnel perform all three functions.


At Complex PTS we are extremely adaptable to our clients’ needs. There are a number of other services with which we can readily assist. These include staffing, tax return review / oversight, software data migration, customized software solutions, acquisition consulting, litigation consulting, property tax incentive negotiation, property tax department process modeling, training, co-sourcing, out-sourcing, budget and accrual forecasting, and assessment / tax bill calendaring.